Brief Thoughts on Trump’s Actions on Immigration

I really do promise to keep this one brief:

  1. Let’s start where we can all agree: Trump’s executive order on immigrants from seven nations was horribly crafted and displays an arrogance and incompetence that is deeply troubling.
  2. Real lives were severely impact by this: families were separated, others are being kept from their jobs and lives that they’ve established here (green card holders as well as many on student and work visas who have setup a life here). This is where a lot of the anger comes from on this issue, and it should make you angry.

Moving beyond that: this policy is out-of-line. It’s a strong restriction of freedom wrapped in a vague call of “security.” That shouldn’t meet anyone’s standard for an action we want to take in making that trade-off.

Look, there are threats out there in the world. Radicalized Islamic terrorists are one of those. We all know it. We know that there are some of them trying to get into this country, and we know that some of them may succeed. As a result, they may kill innocent American citizens. But that is the cost of being a free society.

To build walls and ban populations is a surrender to cowardice and a denial of our core American principles. The freedoms of religion, speech, and association apply to everything we do. If we deny entry on the basis of any of these, then we deny these freedoms as fundamental to our country. Once we do that, it’s a lot easier to infringe upon those rights domestically.

We can all agree that it isn’t possible to let the whole world in (or the subset that would want to come). But if we truly believe in our ideals, than we must strive to extend the freedoms we have to as many people as possible. Trump’s actions are a clear affront to this mindset.

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    1. Benjamin Mumma

      Well that’s pretty offensive. It looks like your IP address comes from Penn State University, so I’ll be sure to pass along this post so that they know that they have some issues on campus. Maybe you haven’t actually met any Muslims or immigrants, but many of them personify what is great about this country.

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