Announcing Ex Medius

Hi folks! As you can tell, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. As usual, that is not for lack of interest in writing or political discourse, but rather a reflection of a gap I perceive in the reach and potential that this site has vs. what I would like it to have.

In short – I’ve been discouraged by my ability to reach people through this platform. Thinking about the site critically, I think it has a few constraints that have been challenging:

  1. Naming the site with my own name – both limits who can contribute, as well as the potential reach and interest in what is clearly just one person’s opinions.
  2. No clear mission – aside from sharing my own views.
  3. A lack of incentives to really push through some of the challenges in growing the site.

Reflecting on these, I’ve brought these issues together and decided to launch a new site, Ex Medius, at!

As noted there, Ex Medius is a newly launched news source with a goal of fighting that polarization by bringing out the voices of the increasingly large “disaffected middle” of American politics. Beyond myself, I will be partnering with other contributors to bring content focused on rational and level-headed solutions forward. Lastly, I’ve also setup the site with Patreon which will allow us to both fund and incentivize more high-quality content and growth beyond just a personal website. The tool for this is small contributions from patrons – potentially like yourself. All funds will be reinvested in the site and growing the breadth of content and audience reach.

I’ve shared a few more details in my initial post, which you can read here. What I’ll reiterate is this: our national discourse is in peril (as I’ve written several times here), and it will take an effort from this middle to come together, make compromises, and work together to bring us back from the expanding political divergence.

For those who have followed this site and enjoyed the political discussions, I hope you will switch over to Ex Medius and consider signing up for e-mail updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and if you find it valuable consider becoming a patron. All of these can be easily done from our contact page. I will still use this site for personal updates from time to time outside of the political realm.

Lastly, if you have a desire to become a writer in your spare time and would like to contribute to Ex Medius, please send me an e-mail and we can get you setup to contribute.

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