This is a page dedicated to what I am focused on at this point in life, and will be updated as my place or goals change. Good idea, right? Learn more about the concept @ NowNowNow.

(As of: August 2017)

I am in DC and feeling pretty good about the decision to come back to DC that I made this past February. I’ve been back for about six months now and have settled into work, routine, and life being back here.

At work, I’m excited about what we are working on at Curiosity Media, and where we’ll be able to take Spanish-English learning in the future at and I’ll plan to share more about this at some point.

Beyond work, I’ve spent a lot of time gearing up for my first ever triathlon: the Maine Half Ironman coming up on August 27th. I’ve trained 7-10 hours a week for it which, trust me, is a lot of energy to expend. But I’m really excited for the race. I’m taking a road trip up there from DC, and also excited to see many family and friends along the East Coast along the way.

Quickly thereafter, I have a vacation to Switzerland planned in mid-September to do some hiking and exploring my 30th country that I’ll have visited.

Otherwise, I’ve been experimenting with a few other side projects, but have recently launched as a home for the “disaffected middle” of American politics. While starting a viable media site faces long odds, I feel that there is a clear need for individuals and the country to create a spot where the middle can meet, share opinions, and engage in constructive debate. Please consider visiting and subscribing to our site.

Lastly, that means that this site will become more focused on my personal, non-political adventures. While I’ll still plan to share the occasional political post, most of that will be located at Ex Medius.

You can always reach me at