This is a page dedicated to what I am focused on at this point in life, and will be updated as my place or goals change. Good idea, right? Learn more about the concept @ NowNowNow.

(As of: February 2017)

I recently got back to the U.S. after spending four months traveling around the world. After bringing my country count up to 41 U.S. States and 29 Countries, I’ve decided that’s enough for now: I’m looking forward to having a permanent home again with the occasional vacation to an exotic locale.

A couple weeks ago I moved back into a new apartment in Washington D.C. and I am currently looking to join a company in the area. I’m really excited to get back into a good work environment and all of the challenges and learning opportunities that it provides.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been busy. Since getting back to the States, I’ve been continuing to work on a few long-standing goals that either fell by the wayside over my first five years in D.C. or never existed in the first place.

The main area that’s been focused has been to return to the cutting edge of programming and machine learning. It’s been a quick five years in that regard, but I’ve caught up on a lot and currently have a pretty sweet Anaconda + Tensorflow environment setup in Python linked to a MySQL database and using the Flask framework to push this into web applications. While I am currently working with each in relative isolation, I do have a few projects that will soon bring them together. Alongside that, I am reading fairly vociferously about the latest techniques from websites like Kaggle and some of the great technical blogs out there.

Beyond that, I’m trying to keep up with several routines I decided to start while traveling: meditating, actually developing some upper body strength, continuing to run, learning Spanish, and of course writing on this blog for my (tens of) readers.

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