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(As of: April 2017)

I’ve been back in Washington D.C. for about two and a half months at this point. Almost two months ago, I accepted an offer to join Curiosity Media as the Director of Revenue Strategy and Analytics. I wrote a bit about that several weeks ago.

So it turns out after six months away from D.C., I decided to come back and plan to be living here for at least the next couple years barring unforeseen consequences.

At work, much of my time has been spent learning about the advertising technology industry, and formulating strategies to improve how our site navigates it. Broadly, I’m working with a really great team and have been able to both leverage existing skill sets that I have and build new ones.

Outside of work, time tends to fall into three buckets: socializing, exercising, and learning. I’ve been catching up with friends, old and new, around many D.C. bars. I’ve been running through the city – both through the streets and one of the best urban trail systems in the country. And I’ve been listening to a ton of podcasts and audiobooks.

One thing that has fallen off while having a full time job is continuing to dive into non-work analytics and investigation of machine learning techniques. I’m investigating a few ways to be able to do that better – so if you have ideas, please let me know! A few other routines have fallen by the wayside given time constraints, but  hopefully I’ll get back into over the next several months.

Also coming up:

  • Big Sur Marathon – April 30, 2017
  • Trip to Iceland and Europe – Summer
  • Maine Half Ironman – Late August
  • Trip to South America – Fall or Winter

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