2016 Election Thoughts: Part II

While recent polls suggest Trump is dropping in the polls, it’s still worth taking a critical look at the man, the phenomena around him, and what needs to be done as a result. Let’s start with some basic facts.Facts about Trump He would be non-trivially dangerous to this country and the world if elected. He is a fraud of a businessman, a blatant liar, and a bully. His approach to political discourse has already caused material harm to an already damaged system. Most of the Republican party has, somehow, embraced this (if halfheartedly) and is complicit in his campaign. Is there controversy with any …

For Runners – Introducing the “DC Run the States Challenge”

What is the DC Run the States Challenge (RTSC)?To keep things simple, we’ll start with an “original” version with simple rules: The goal is to run on as many state-named streets in DC as possible. You must run at least one block on a street to count it. You can run for as long or as far as you want, but it must be in a single run. The Story:  view full post »